$25.00 deposit required upon booking for new clients

Not sure what you want or how to book your appointment? ☑️ Select this for a 30 min in-salon consultation to create your ideal color story. 💇‍♀️ All services include a shampoo, haircut, and deep conditioning mask. 💆‍♀️ SMART Bond Builder and Color Lock treatment included in all color services.

Price Varies30 min

Smart Bond & Repair Treatment

Blacklight SMART Bonding & Repair Treatment builds new bonds and repairs existent disulfide, hydrogen, and salt bonds in the hair. It also: -Nourishes replenishes primary hair lipids -Enhances shine and manageability -Restores strength -Offers UV protection, hair colour protection and frizz control

$4015 min

Dry Scalp Relief Treatment

Blacklight Smart Oil Treatment is an oil that offers total care to hair and scalp. Its lightweight formulation nourishes and replenishes hair scalp and lipids. The oil protects, moisturizes, and restores hair shine and manageability, offers frizz control, and can also relieve scalp dryness.

$3030 min